rick grimes final

Watch The Preview Of Rick Grimes’ Final Episode

Eight years ago we were introduced to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), now we’re going to have to say goodbye on Sunday, November 4th.

For months “TWD” has teased the death of the series’ main character. This past Sunday we saw Rick thrown from a horse and shishkabobed on a piece of rebar. The episode ended in a cliffhanger as Rick lay on a slab of concrete as two hordes of walkers approached from two directions.

The new promo for “What Comes After”, the next episode, is here for the episode which will be Andrew Lincoln’s last.

In the video we see Rick wounded and flashes of him on the horse struggling to find help, hallucinating,  and Rick in a bed, possibly the very one he woke up in when we were introduced to him in the series premiere. During the video we also see Rick having a series of flashbacks that will include cameos by Shane and Hershel.

While it’s not the end of “The Walking Dead”, it sure feels like it.  Will you continue to watch after Rick’s death? Let us know.



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