Short Film Review: Soundbite (2018)

A woman (Taylor Murphy-Sinclair) sits a computer and enters a website comprised of a single image of a skull. Seems mundane enough, until the creepy commands start issuing forth…

Running a brisk four minutes and change; Soundbite is a nice lil’ bite sized nugget of video violence with a sprinkling of techo terror (or is it supernatural shenanigans to blame? You boils n’ ghouls will have to decide for yourselves when you slap your eerie eyeballs on he flick after these wicked words…). Co-writer (along with Brantley J. Brown)/Director Michael Coulombe delivers a simple, basically one sentence concept with a stylish flair that makes the whole affair satisfying even without anything in the way of character development, dialog (minus one key phrase), or even explanation as to what is going on.

Another interesting visual choice is a reliance on warm earth tones, rather than the orange and blue/hot pink electric blue that many of today’s fright flicks seem to be drenched in. This makes this sinister short stand out from the pack.

So there you have it; Soundbite is short but sweet, has a solid aesthetic, and provides some hard hittin’ (literally) horror…and you can experience it for yourselves on the Horror House Media Youtube channel located right here!




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