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‘Dino Crisis’ Possibly Returning?

You may have already heard as I have about the news and hype about the 1999 survival horror game Dino Crisis possibly making a comeback. I did not report on this at first because it sounded too much like a rumor, but now that I have the facts I’m here to share!


Dino Crisis Remake Could Be Coming After New Trademark ...



Back in February of 2018, I included Dino Crisis on a list of games that deserve an HD remake, for a while now CAPCOM has stated that there were no plans to either revamp or continue the franchise but alluded to in a 2017 tweet that they were open to the idea if many people want it.


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With the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake and the excitement for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake, this may have greased the wheels as it has been confirmed that CAPCOM has filed the trademark for Dino Crisis in Japan on November 29th, 2019.


Resident Evil's Red Headed Stepchild: A Look Back at Dino ...



Before we get too excited this is not the first time CAPCOM trademarked the title, they trademarked it before on February 5th, 2018. Along with that  Dino Crisis was not the only game trademarked by CAPCOM, other past titles include Bionic Commando, Breath of Fire, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Project Justice, Power Stone, Mega Man, Mega Man Legends, Rival Schools, Strider, and Darkstalkers 3.



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Just because Dino Crisis and the other games above are trademarked does not necessarily mean they’re going to be developed, they could mean that CAPCOM is just securing titles to protect their interests for a length of time but then again, there is always that possibility that they are going to move forward, and I hope that’s the case!



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