Resident Evil Resistance

Two New Maps And Masterminds Coming To ‘Resident Evil Resistance’

CAPCOM announced more information about the upcoming 4v1 multiplayer game that will accompany Resident Evil 3 on its release this April 3rd. Resident Evil Resistance is a cat and mouse multiplayer game where 4 players have to survive whatever the Mastermind (controlled by another player) throws at them as they manipulate the environment they are in.

The previous two Masterminds that were announced were Annette Birkin (RE2) and Daniel Fabron who is an original character to this game of the franchise. The two newly announced Masterminds surely make fans of “Resident Evil” excited. Alex Wesker, daughter of the franchises more infamous villain, Albert Wesker, and main antagonist of Resident Evil Revelations 2, and the mysterious Ozwell E. Spencer whose been the shadowy antagonist of the entire series as his mansion was the backdrop of the very first game and his name constantly pops up in UMBRELLA documents since he’s one of the founders of the company.





Players will be taken to two new locations to face off against the Masterminds, an abandoned horror-themed park, and a casino. Each map can be manipulated by the Masterminds who each has their own style but all can bring in zombies and other horrors from the game series as well as setting traps. Each Mastermind also has their own special ability or trump card in the form of a boss-like creature.





Birkin can summon a G-Birkin (husband in his G-virus form), Fabron can summon the Tyrant Mr.X, Spencer instead uses a Disintegration Field trap to severely injure players, and Wesker summons a new terror never before seen in the game, a large carnivorous plant called Yateveo. The large plant is stationary but if put in the right place it could cause a lot of trouble for other players.





Resident Evil Resistance will be included in Resident Evil 3 when it’s released April 3rd, 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and STEAM.

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