First Impression: ‘Resident Evil 3’ Demo

Nearly twelve hours ago I waited downloaded the Resident Evil 3 Demo and gave it a shot and I was impressed!

The demo is roughly 20 minutes long but definitely shows you what you’re going to get yourself into when the full game comes out!  Judging by the events in the Demo, this playthrough is taking place somewhere in the middle of the storyline As Jill is brought in to meet Carlos’s commanding officer who unlike in the original Resident Evil 3, is not completely incapacitated.





The demo shows a bit of everything that you will encounter in the main game like puzzle solving, reading documents, crafting health and ammo, and of course combat. If you’re wondering, yes its true Nemesis is in the demo as well and he can really kick your ass!



Oh, if 15 year-old me played this he would not be sleeping well for a couple of days.



After completing the demo I was treated with a new trailer for the game that showed a bit more of what we will be seeing in the game and all I can say is that I’m even more excited for when the game comes out!



I got 7 out of 20 of this little jerk



The demo is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and it is FREE to play and I suggest you give it a try as well, you’ll not regret it, but remember that it’s a demo so thing will be different when the final game comes out!

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