Never Before Played Level Coming To ‘Destroy All Humans!’

As our Furon overlord’s liberation approaches, old and new fans alike are no doubt getting excited to get their monkey paws on a copy of Destroy All Humans! set to arrive peacefully to our planet on Earth-date July 28, 2020, but more excited news is here about the remake/reboot of the game, it will include a never before seen or played mission called “The Wrong Stuff”.

The primitive simians at THQ Nordic and Black Forest Games have carefully restored the lost level of the game after finding it foolishly hidden in the archives and have included it in the middle of the game! This was a foolish attempt to besmirch our Furon friends and cover Crypto-137’s attempts to peacefully bridge the gap between the Human race and the superior Furon Empire, WHEN WILL THE LIES END!





*The writer of this article wishes to inform you that everything he has written is from his own gross primitive mouth and was in no way coerced by having an advanced weapon like a Disintegration Ray pressed against his spine and wishes to remind you that Destroy All Humans! will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC July 28th.*


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