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An Interview With ‘Shadow In The Cloud’ Director Roseanne Liang


Roseanne Liang is the director and writer of the action-horror Shadow in the Cloud, which I called “a must-see action-packed flick.” in my review. After watching the movie I was excited to speak with Roseanne about the film.


In Shadow in the Cloud, set in the throes of World War II, Captain Maude Garrett (Chloë Grace Moretz ) joins the all-male crew of a B-17 bomber with a top-secret package. Caught off guard by the presence of a woman on a military flight, the crew tests Maude’s every move. Just as her quick wit is winning them over, strange happenings and holes in her backstory incite paranoia surrounding her true mission. But this crew has more to fear…lurking in the shadows, something sinister is tearing at the heart of the plane. Trapped between an oncoming air ambush and an evil lurking within, Maude must push beyond her limits to save the hapless crew and protect her mysterious cargo.


Nick Robinson, Beulah Koale, Taylor John Smith, Callan Mulvey, Benedict Wall, Joe Witkowski, and Byron Coll also star. 





Horror Fuel: “I really enjoyed Shadow in the Cloud. It’s fun.”


Roseanne Liang: “Oh, I’m so glad. Thank you.”


Horror Fuel: “You’ve created this story that gives people a glimpse of how women are really treated, that petty vulgarity that we hear. Was that an intentional part of the story or did it evolve that way?”


Rosanne Liang: “Yeah, it was intentional. It was in the original script that I received, but I brought it into a wider scope. It’s appalling. We’ve had some people really react to those scenes and some of the language, but I’m sticking to my guns because this is how men talk to and about women. It’s how they behave. We have to think about the issues here with the way that women are treated. It happens. I made the decision to show it.”


Horror Fuel: “I’m glad that you did. It needs to be seen and discussed.”


Roseanne Liang: “Exactly. “Men talk in a different way when they think they aren’t be listening to.”


Horror Fuel: “Right. Speaking of women, I have to say casting Chloë Grace Moretz was a brilliant choice. She fits her character so well.”


Roseanne: “Yes. Thank you. I one-hundred-percent agree.”


Horror Fuel: “I love that her character Maude is strong and badass but at the same time, down to earth and vulnerable. It’s the duality of women.”




Roseanne Liang: “I love that too. She’s not a perfect person and I like that about her. She does superhero stuff, but she’s just like us.”


Horror Fuel: “If you will, tell us about the creature design.”


Roseanne Liang: “Oh, yeah. We stated with the history. Gremlins were a thing pack in the 1940s. I found one drawing during my research. It started out as propaganda. It was something people blamed when things went wrong. I found a drawing of a gremlin that a pilot had made that he swore he saw. We had lots of conversations with our special effects team and we looked at lots of animals, bats and we also looked at hagfish which are a kind of deep-sea creature. We looked at different kinds of rodents and winged creatures. And then we did a lot of screen tests and found our way to the final creature that’s in the movie.”


Horror Fuel: “It’s a nasty critter, that’s for sure. I think it’s great.”


Roseanne Liang: “Yes he is. And he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve.”


Horror Fuel: “I remember hearing my grandfather, who was a bombardier, telling me about them as a kid.”


Roseanne Liang: “Did he talk about them as if they were real or as like a joke?”


Horror Fuel: “I think he was serious. When he talked about the war he was always serious.”


Roseanne Liang: “I think back then it messed with people’s minds.”


Horror Fuel: ” I love that movie’s story isn’t something we’ve seen a thousand times over. It’s something fresh. We need movies like yours.”


Roseanne Liang: “Making something that’s unpredictable and that’s out of the box, is something that makes me proud. I’m so glad that you feel that way.”


Horror Fuel: “It is. And the twist, I never saw that coming.”


Roseanne Liang: “Yeah. That’s the beauty of Cholë, right? I’m glad that no one has guessed it yet. Hopefully, it won’t get widely spoiled.”


Horror Fuel: “I hope not too. It’s fantastic.

I want to ask you something that might be a little bit of a touchy subject. With Shadow in the Cloud being a female about the power of women, how do you feel about the current controversy surrounding the movie’s co-writer, Max Landis?”


Roseanne Liang: “Well, I think – I didn’t write the movie with him. He was not part of the process. He was not involved with the movie in any way other than him writing the early draft. So, I think, criminals should be prosecuted. I think that people who do bad things should be held accountable. That’s my personal opinion. Making this movie and what it’s trying to say, we made this movie. I mean me, Chloë, the producers. We made a movie that is true to what we believe in. It’s complicated, but it’s actually not that complicated at all. I think criminals should be charged for what they’ve done wrong. I made this movie about women.”


Horror Fuel: “I completely understand. I love that this movie is about the strength and determination of a woman.”


Roseanne Liang: “I think with women, the duality is real. I think that in real-life strength and vulnerability are two sides of the same coin. In fact, allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is one of the strongest things a woman can do, as women and women. I’m glad that you liked it.”


Horror Fuel: “I agree.

You’ve got another movie coming out too, one based on your short film, Do No Harm. Will you tell us about it?”


Roseanne Liang: “That’s currently in development. The short film I made was about three years ago. It put me on this path. 2021 will hopefully be the year that we get it made.


Horror Fuel: “I hope so too. I look forward to seeing it.”


Shadow in the Cloud lands in theaters and arrives on VOD and Digital on January 1, 2021, from Vertical Entertainment and Redbox Entertainment. Check out a clip from the film (below). For more of Shadow in the Cloud please the official website.



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