Micro Budget Outbreak Thriller ‘Breakdown’ Now On Amazon



Thomas Haley makes his feature directorial debut with Breakdown. It also marks the feature film debut for his production company H2 Crew Productions.
Breakdown is Haley’s passion project and has been in the works for a few years. Its release is well-timed given the current pandemic and shares similarities with the film’s grim reality.
In the film, “a mysterious virus has wiped out much of the world’s population, with the remaining sick being corralled in quarantine zones, as one man fights to find a cure to save humanity, and himself.”
Haley also stars in the film described as, “his most intense role released to date,” carrying
much of the film’s heavy themes. He is surrounded by a stellar supporting cast including rising scream
queen Brooklyn Haley (Paranormal Arracion, Camp Twilight, Slice and Dice), Corey Sorenson (Chicago Fire, Patchwork, Palo Alto), Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, Silent Night, All Through The House), and John Marror (Envy, Desert Moon).
Described as a cross between I am Legend and Contagion, it was filmed with a skeleton crew and a strategically spent micro-budget.
When asked about the film Haley had this to say:
Months were spent in preproduction planning out where the best use of our resources would
really make the biggest impact. Every shot was discussed with the team to make every angle look its best. When Covid hit Los Angeles, It was crazy. We had no idea how much reality would actually imitate art. We had a completed project centered around a virus and I thought let us get this out because people are going through very similar conflicts as Tim Reynolds (our Lead Character in Breakdown) and that relatability may help people feel less alone during this real-life pandemic.”
Breakdown was written by cinematographer Dan Jagels, who is a frequent collaborator with
Haley, making this is the 13th time have worked together.
I have always wondered and been fascinated by what it would really be like when something
like a disease or natural disaster hits the world. But not on a grand scale like most disaster or post-apocalyptic movies, but for the individual. The one-man or woman that is trying to survive, that has perhaps already lost what he holds so dear. Would this person in turn lose themselves? Their sense of right and wrong? Especially if others around him have gone to the dark side, so to speak. And no one is held accountable. This film explores that idea. One man’s journey to do what is right, especially when everything has been lost or take.” Jagels said.
You can watch the movie now on Amazon.

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