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Some Kind of Hate Horror Review

  “Some Kind of Hate” is a 2015 horror film starring Ronen Rubinstein, Spencer Breslin, Grace Phipps and directed by Adam Mortimer. Ronen has been in two films previously to this one which are “Detachment” and “It Felt Like Love”. The later of which I have seen and it is worth checking out if you […]

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Yakuza Apocalypse (2015) Horror Film Review

“Yakuza Apocalypse” is a 2015 horror film directed by one of the best and brightest directors Japan has to offer: Takashi Miike. By now most horror fans are familiar with his some of his works such as “Audition”, “13 Assassins” and what I personally consider his magnum opus; “Ichi the Killer”. As you may have […]

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“Contracted: Phase 2” Horror Film Review

“Contracted: Phase 2” is the 2015 sequel to the 2013 film “Contracted”. The original was directed by Eric England who had a part in making the slasher “Madison County”. “Contracted” starred Najarra Townsend who also was in “The Toy Soldiers” and Caroline Williams who played Dr. Maple in Rob Zombie’s “Halloween II”.  It was about a […]

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“Curve” 2016 Horror Movie Review

“Curve” is a 2016 survival horror film directed by Iain Softley who is known for his work on “Backbeat”, “Hackers”, “The Wings of the Dove”, “K-PAX”, and “The Skeleton Key”.  The two main stars of the film are played by the beautiful Julianne Hough, who is known for her roles in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” […]

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“Evil Souls” Horror Movie Review

“Evil Souls” is a 2015 horror film that was directed by Maurizio del Piccolo and Roberto del Piccolo. They both worked on another horror movie back in 2011 called “The Hounds”. The antagonist of “Evil Souls” is named Valentine who is played by Peter Cosgrove. He is known for the recent film “Grainne Uaile” and the […]

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“Excess Flesh” Horror Film Review

 Hi everyone! This is my very first review for this website and I hope it’ll be one of many to come in the future. Now let’s dive right into: “Excess Flesh”. This is an independent film directed by Patrick Kennelly who previously made a documentary named “10 Minutes is 2 Hours” which is a 2013 […]

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