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DVD Review: Clown Fear (2020)

Carlee ( Sadie Katz who co-wrote the film along with director Minh Collins) decides gettin’ hitched ain’t her bag (mainly because her future beau is a D-bag) and ditches her wedding along with a cadre of bridesmaids. Their flight takes them waaaay off the beaten path and they find themselves at a motor inn run […]

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Blu-ray Review: The Point (1971)

Dig on this y’all; in a kingdom where everything has a point (think a whole ass-load of triangles folks) a boy with a round head named Oblio (The Brady Bunch‘s Mike Lookinland) is having a tough go of it. You see, unlike everyone else in the kingdom, he has no point (real subtle film… real […]

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CD Review: Killection Lordi (2020)

Lordi; those monsters of metal have entertained us hard rockin’ horror hounds for years… I mean these mother fuckers were created for us, by one of our own… and they are glorious ghouls one and all (and come the fuck on; how can you not adore a rippin’ guitar solo performed by a mummy)! Now, […]

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Movie Review: Exit (2020)

Steve (Billy James Machin) and Michelle (Leonarda Sahani) book an apartment in the city. sounds prosaic enough, but the establishment’s owner Russell (Tony Denham) has double booked that mother fucker and a second couple Christophe (Christophe Delesques) and Adrienne (Charlotte Gould) plan on poppin’ a squat there as well. But ol’ Russ cooks up a […]

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