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DVD Review: All the Creatures Were Stirring (2018)

An awkward couple arrive at a playhouse presenting a series of vignettes, named after phrases from ‘The Night Before Christmas‘, and based on varying elements of the Christmas spirit (and hosted by a silent master of ceremonies portrayed by genre mainstay Maria Olsen). Thus begins the latest arcane anthology from our beloved horror biz titled […]

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Movie Review: The Cabin (2018)

Hey I got a new one for ya; a couple heads to a secluded cabin and encounter terror…and by new I mean absolutely the most tired trope out there. Let’s see if The Cabin can do anything to spice up this hoary ol’ chestnut… Bickering couple, Rose (Caitlin Crommett) and Harry (Christopher Lee Page) head out […]

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Movie Review: Mandao of the Dead

Major league weird cat and heir to an award losing breakfast cereal “empire” Jay Mandao (Scott Dunn…who also wrote and directed the film) lives with his equally eccentric adult nephew Jackson (Sean McBride)…who sleeps in a tent within the apartment…yeah…Anyway, the night before Halloween, Jay has an out of body experience via astral projection which […]

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Short Film Review: Soundbite (2018)

A woman (Taylor Murphy-Sinclair) sits a computer and enters a website comprised of a single image of a skull. Seems mundane enough, until the creepy commands start issuing forth… Running a brisk four minutes and change; Soundbite is a nice lil’ bite sized nugget of video violence with a sprinkling of techo terror (or is it […]

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Cargo - HE Key Art _Final

Movie Review: [Cargo] (2018)

Anthony Peterson (Ron Thompson) is in a bit of a fuckin’ pickle. See, ol’ Tony-baloney has got his ass kidnapped and locked inside a cargo container located in parts unknown, with only his cellphone to keep him company. Good thing he has that device, as soon he is contacted by his captors and ordered to […]

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