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Short Film Reviews: Four Fearsome Fright Flicks From Andrew J.D. Robinson

Now for something completely F’n different…some rapid fire revoltin’ reviews of a quartet of short subject fright films! (All of the following were created by Andrew J.D. Robinson; the award winning filmmaker/founder of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge) Let’s kick things off with: SIGHTINGS       In Sightings two women sit in a car and reflect […]

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Movie Review: Satan’s Cheerleaders is the Perfect Blend of Laughs and Lucifer!

  Satan’s Cheerleaders (god damn, that’s a great title…this flick has a lot to live up to) begins with our gorgeous gaggle of “rah rah” heroines frolicking on the beach as a porn soundtrack cum disco anthem, with a constant refrain of ‘all for one, and one for all’, assaults our ears like nobodies business […]

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Movie Review: Down/The Lift Are the Best Killer Elevator Flicks You Will See (This Week)

  When the elevators in the Millennium Building in ol Manhattan Towne begin to malfunction (and by malfunction, I mean go completely ape shit and murder everyone in sight), elevator repairman Mark and plucky journalist Jennifer are off and running to solve the mystery (with little help from the police assigned to the case). So […]

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