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Movie Review: Down/The Lift Are the Best Killer Elevator Flicks You Will See (This Week)

  When the elevators in the Millennium Building in ol Manhattan Towne begin to malfunction (and by malfunction, I mean go completely ape shit and murder everyone in sight), elevator repairman Mark and plucky journalist Jennifer are off and running to solve the mystery (with little help from the police assigned to the case). So […]

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Movie Review: Other Halves is Half a Good Flick

  Peep this shizz oh grizzly ghouls; Other Halves tells the story of a revolutionary new dating app…an app that matches folks automatically based on your online history…good lord, how many people would be matched up with midgets on horses? Just me? Fuuuuu…. Anyway, we are introduced to our scrappy group of young programmers who […]

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