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Green Apple Entertainment Releases Grim Trailer of “Faces”

Green Apple Entertainment is extremely excited about their movie Faces.  With a huge catalog of already loved and known movies, Faces will sure be a welcome addition to the horror world. Synopsis: Frank’s mind reaches wits end trying to keep himself in order as his money and mental troubles gradually get worse.  After experiencing yet another failed job […]

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Candy Corn Project Needs Our Help

Have you heard of the upcoming movie Candy Corn?  I hope so, because it is going to be amazing!  But now creator Butch Von Dreaux needs your help to make it even better.  Candy Corn is the result of a passionate team of horror fans coming together to create the best homage to the genre […]

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Sadistic Soccer Sociopath Signs Contract

I am a huge sports fan. Obviously (adhering to the overwhelming Canadian stereotype) I love to watch and play hockey. Football, softball, basketball, MMA, and various other sports are always on my radar.  One sport I just can’t get into is soccer (or futball for all you purists out there).  But something has happened in […]

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Darkness Visible is Keeping Horror in Metal! got contacted earlier today by the band Darkness Visible.  This Australian-based theater rock band are part of a segment of the horror world that I feel is far too underestimated and far too rarely recognized.  I wrote an article a little bit ago about an Alice Cooper concert and how he was the godfather […]

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American Horror Story will Focus on Recent Election

Big news from the world of American Horror Story!   Regardless of your thoughts about the recent USA election, you are about to see it turned into horror!  For many people, this may not seem too far of a reach, but American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, will bring his own twisted outlook on terror […]

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