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Massacre at Burger Chef

I have always found that unsolved murders and crimes are absolutely terrifying.  The thought that people can commit heinous acts and then go about the rest of their lives without punishment, consequence or atonement is not only terrifying, but astounding with resources at our disposal for crime solving.  I understand that the real world is […]

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Hollywood Comes to NOVA Fest!

  The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival (The NOVA Fest) expands to new levels with an all-encompassing world of film and distribution.   After hosting several hundred films from over 30 countries, branching out into two satellite film festivals in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., adding a Battle of the Bands, and extending the […]

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Anna Marie Hahn…Killer of the Elderly

Happy Women in Horror Month!  This month we celebrate the women in the world of horror.  I have done a number of articles on serial killers, mass murderers and other horrific people, but this moth I turn my focus to the world of female terror. Anna Marie Hahn (Filser) was born in Germany in 1906.  […]

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A Barrel of Terror in Bear Brook Park

I like to peruse the garage sales that pop up on long weekends during the short Canadian summers an  I remember a couple of years ago I was at one particular sale that was sketchy right off the bat.  I was afraid to touch anything and the large, scraggle-bearded man who hacked between drags on […]

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Hans Schmidt – The Demonic Priest

Before recent history, priests were deemed as holy patrons who helped their followers into salvation.  The reputation of the priesthood has been sullied somewhat with heinous crimes, but priestly sin has a history that dates through centuries of history.  There are, of course, holy man and women who have stayed true to the straight and […]

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Wolf Creek TV Series Coming to DVD

  In 2005 Greg McLean brought the movie Wolf Creek into the world of horror.  This terrifying film spawned a sequel and now a TV series. The 6-episode mini-series stars Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek 2, Django) and Dustin Clare (Spartacus: Gods of the Arena). Based on the iconic cult movie franchise, […]

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Plot vs. Gore…Can We Not Have Both?

I was watching a terrifying movie the other day and I made a realization.  I will not name movies here because I do not want to throw anyone under the bus, but I realized it feels as though gore and plot have become mutually exclusive.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love gore.  I love […]

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