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American Horror Story will Focus on Recent Election

Big news from the world of American Horror Story!   Regardless of your thoughts about the recent USA election, you are about to see it turned into horror!  For many people, this may not seem too far of a reach, but American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, will bring his own twisted outlook on terror […]

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Allerleiruh…A Fairy Tale to Make You Uncomfortable

I have done a few articles on Fairy Tales and still profess that they are the precursors of horror.  These stories, though fanciful, are dark, brooding, didactic, and often gory or disturbing.  The real tragedy is that so many of the greatest fairy tales are unknown because Disney hasn’t watered them down yet; however, I […]

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Jesse Tafero and the Botched Execution

I have focused a lot on women in horror and murder this month and will do a few more articles about those terrifying women before the month is out, but I wanted to focus today a man executed in Florida in 1990.  Why Florida? Because the story of his execution is horrific and unbelievable. Jesse […]

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Reel Nightmare is a “Reel” Flop

I usually try to be pretty kind with movie reviews and I am fairly easy to please, but I have been racking my brain to find the pros outweighing the cons for Armand Petri’s Reel Nightmare. I watched the movie in a couple of sittings and absolutely couldn’t get hooked.  I could see where the […]

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New Predator Will be Bigger and Bloodier (updated)

In preparation for the upcoming Predator film, I just watched the original and was reminded of the franchise’s greatness.  Yeah, it’s been watered down a bit over a few movies and crossovers (although they were fun in their own right). I was thrilled to hear that Shane Black (who played Hawkins in the original) is […]

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“” Gets DVD Release on March 7 released on DVD March 7.  This gore fest puts a new, chilling spin on online dating.  This terrifyingly anticipated movie took home awards for Best Feature Film at the Bloody Horror International Film Festival in Ottawa, Best Horror Feature at the Hollywood Boulevard International Film Festival, the Golden Award at the Spotlight Horror Film Awards […]

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