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Krampus: The Christmas Demon

It’s been in vogue the past couple of years to address Santa’s counterpart, Krampus.  Cartoon appearances, a few movies (one of which was a major motion picture), t-shirts and sweaters, various other media are all filling up with this Christmas Demon.  But, where did he come from?  Why did he disappear? And why is he […]

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The Michigan Massacre

The largest mass murder in the history of the state of Michigan is a truly horrific and unique tale.  Nearly 7,000 miners went on strike in Calumet, Michigan.  Their strike demands were simple: increased wages, no more child labor, and safer conditions (including support beams in the mines to prevent cave-ins).  The response was a […]

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Cinderella…The Real Story

Most people know the story of Cinderella.  Poor orphaned girl with step-mother and even worse-step sisters who woos the dreamy prince charming at a ball in a dress crafted by whimsical animals and a fairy godmother.  We know about the glass slipper and the stroke of midnight.  We know about the happily ever after.  However, […]

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“The Antithesis” Finishes FIlming

Francesco Mirabelli’s Italian horror ghost story film “The Antithesis” has finished shooting.  Filmed in Italy and shot in a “Giallo” style, the film is officially in post production. Newly released pictures of the film show an inspiration of legendary horror directors such as Fulci, Lynch, Bava, Argento and John Carpenter. There is much anticipation for […]

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“Holliston: Carnival Of Knowledge” Gets A Sequel!

The first one was so good it is happening again!  Due to sales “exceeded our wildest expectations right out of the starting gate,” Source Point Press has announced a sequel to the widely popular “Holliston: Friendship is Tragic” graphic novel. The Sequel entitled “Holliston: Carnival of Carnage” will hit the shelves in 2017! From the […]

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Abbey Grace – Everything You’ve Already Seen in One, Fun Plot

Just finished watching Stephen Durham’s Abbey Grace and, although it isn’t a perfect movie, I definitely enjoyed watching it. The movie focuses on a sister (Debbie Sheridan) who returns to her childhood home to look after her agoraphobic brother (Jacob Hobbs).  Both Sheridan and Hobbs offer convincing performances of the frustrations they feel and can’t […]

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Frankenstein is Not My Name

  At my day job, I dress up in a shirt, tie and polished shoes.  I am not a shirt, tie and polished shoes kind of guy. Therefore, I have found fun little ways to break out of the tie-noose, things like various colors of shoelaces and funky belt buckles.  No, I’m no Wolowitz, but […]

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