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The Movie ‘Jokesters’ Takes Pranks To A Horrifying New Level

Random Media and Cinedigm are preparing to release ‘The Jokesters’ on DVD and VOD on July 21st. This found-footage horror film, directed by AJ Wedding (Kate), stars Nathan Reid (The Program), Gabriel Tigerman (Charlie Wilson’s War), Dante Spencer (Jerks with Cameras), Jen Yeager (Criminal) and Luis Jose Lopez of ‘American Sniper’. “The “Prankmasters” are an […]

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A Christmas Horror Story

Copperheart’s latest film ‘A Christmas Horror Story’ will be premiering later this month at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival. In this Christmas themed horror anthology a group of high school students are investigating a murder that occurred just before the holidays in a small town. Then a a couple notices that their son is behaving strangely […]

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Lifetime Exploring The Manson Family With New Movie ‘Manson’s Lost Girls’

The entertainment industry has recently taken a new interest in Charles Manson and the Manson family. There are several shows and movies covering the infamous monster, his groupies and the horrible acts they carried out.   Now a new movie, by Lifetime, titled ‘Manson’s Lost Girls’ (working title).  The movie, directed by Leslie Libman. focuses […]

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‘Tales of Halloween’ A Horror Anthology

This Halloween a new film will be scaring the pants off of horror fans. ‘Tales of Halloween’ is a new anthology movie made by eleven directors and divided into ten segments. ‘Tales of Halloween’ has an impressive list of directors, including Adam Gierasch (Night of the Demons), Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw II, III, IV), Neil Marshall (The […]

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Kevin Smith To Direct Segment In ‘Holidays’ Horror Anthology

There has been a lot of buzz lately about writer/director Kevin Smith and his upcoming film projects ‘Yoga Hosers’, ‘Moose Jaws’ and ‘Clerks III’. I have now learned that Smith has yet another project underway. This time Smith is also directing a segment for the new holiday horror film titled ‘Holidays’. The film puts a […]

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