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From The Director Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) Comes ‘Exeter’

Six teenagers, looking for a secret place to party, hold up in an abandoned asylum. The teens accidentally let loose an angry spirit, intent on hunting down, possessing and killing the teens one by one. Marcus Nispel, behind films such as the 2003 ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ remake and 2009’s ‘Friday the 13th’, took a step […]

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Horror Releases June 2015

    June looks to be a great month for horror fans. Be sure to check out our movie reviews! The Pyramid – Netflix It Follows – VOD Teen Wolf Season 4 – DVD Spring – DVD Demon Baby – DVD Infected – DVD The Poltergeist Of Borley Forest Monsters: Dark Continent -DVD Private Number […]

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The Cast List Of ‘William Froste’ Just Might Blow Your Mind

‘William Froste’, a new movie in the making, is set to begin filming this September. The movie is described as “the ultimate dichotomy of innocence vs. evil that will leave an audience questioning their own moral convictions…” Young director Natalie Bible, known for her film ‘Hemlock’, is at the helm of this project with the […]

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Darksiders II Coming To PlayStation 4

Darksiders II, originally released three years ago, for gaming consoles. Now, according to Amazon, the game is coming back in a new edition, referred to as the “Deathinitive” for PlayStation 4. The game will have remastered graphics and a few other upgrades. The going price presently stands at $39.99 and will be out later this […]

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Movie Review: Nightlight (2014)

WARNING! May Contain spoilers!   The directing duo of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods bring us ‘Nightlight’, a tale of possession, suicide and five dumb kids exploring the woods, while playing idiotic games, like train dodging. This found footage film stars ‘The Social Network’ actress Shelby Young, as the main character Robin, along side Chloe […]

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