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Ode to 80’s Horror: Critters

The 80’s was full of new monsters in horror films, and one of the new developments was small, fuzzy death creatures a la Gremlins. One of the more notable (and hysterical) of these was the blast of a movie Critters.   WHERE IT CAME FROM: Although written in the early 80’s, Critters is often mistaken for a […]

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Ode to 80’s Horror: A Nightmare on Elm Street

In honor of Halloween approaching (everyone’s favorite holiday) and whispers of the second remake happening (Kevin Bacon, anyone?) this #Odeto80s is on that 1986 Wes Craven classic: A Nightmare on Elm Street.     WHERE IT CAME FROM: Wes Craven had already had horror movie success when he read a series of disturbing articles in the newspaper: “It […]

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Ode to 80’s Horror: Re-Animator

Horror has never lacked for mad scientist tales, and the 80’s was no exception. One of the greatest and most classic of these 80’s tales is Re-Animator.   Re-Animator is a good old-fashioned horror film. It has mad scientists, dead bodies coming to life, black cats, etc. It’s fun, it’s scary, and it’s completely deserving of this […]

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1987 Poster, featuring Pinhead, who was listed as simply "Lead Cenobite" in the credits of the first film.

Ode to 80’s Horror: The Hellraiser Series

If you Google “80’s Horror”, one of the first movies that’s going to pop up is Clive Barker’s  Hellraiser, along with it’s multiple (and extremely varying) sequels.   Hellraiser is a Horror Film’s Horror Film. It’s a movie that any horror aficionado worth his or her salt knows and appreciates. Personally, it’s my favorite horror […]

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