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Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is a Finely Crafted 8 Story House of Horrors

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories Directed by – Nathan Thomas Milliner (“Murder Death Killer” & “Fear, For Sinners Here” segments), P.J. Starks (“Haters” segment) Sean Blevins (“Trick or Treat” segment), John William Holt (“Feeding Time” segment), Jon Maynard (“Blood Bath” segment), Justin M. Seaman (“The Deathday Party” segment), James Treakle (“A Killer House” segment) Featuring […]

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Movie Review – One Night of Fear Equals 1 Hour and 12 Minutes of Boredom

One Night of Fear Directed by – Brian Troxell Written by –  Brian Troxell and Johnna Troxell Featuring –  Jessica Sonneborn, Suzi Lorraine, Jimmy Dempster, Russ Forga, Megan Sweet, Joel D Wynkoop and Jason Sutton      This movie is based on events surrounding several unsolved disappearances that have occurred over many years, in Florida’s Ocala National […]

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CD Review – Midnight Syndicate Creates an Awesome Soundtrack to Zombies!!! The Board Game

Creating a soundtrack for a board game. How exactly does anyone do that? Well, one only needs to point said query to the masterminds/madmen behind Midnight Syndicate – Edward Douglas and Gavin Goszka. Their most recent release, ZOMBIES!!! Official Board Game Soundtrack, offers a definitive answer to this question. Back in my D&D (which they […]

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The House of Screaming Death – The Identity of The Architect is Revealed

The folks at Lightbeam Productions and Pat The Bull Films have been somewhat mum in regards to their upcoming horror anthology, The House of Screaming Death, but they do have a bit of exciting news to share. Ian McNeice (From Hell, White Noise, The Black Dahlia) has joined the project thus finally answering the question […]

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