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Movie Review – RWD Makes Me Want To Turn Back Time

RWD Director- Matt Stuertz Written by – Adam Hartley and Matt Stuertz Featuring – Adam Hartley and Matt Stuertz Chris and Ricky, the film-making duo behind a paranormal series known as Ghost Goofs, head out into a wilderness area known as the Brut Woods. Here they expect to encounter a evil spirit that inhabits the […]

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Review – PIGSKIN Gives A Brief But Chilling Glimpse At The Horrors of Body Image

PIGSKIN Directed by Jake Hammond Written by Jake Hammond and Nicola Newton Starring – Isadora Leiva, Pablo Gonzalez, Isabella Groff, Luke Evans and Julie Moss Laurie Vernon, at first, second and even third glance, appears to be a normal healthy teenage girl. She’s on the cheerleading squad and seems to be well liked. However she […]

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OBSERVANCE – Now Available on VOD!

Left reeling from the death of his young son, Parker finds himself languishing in grief. During this time his marriage becomes a shambles and finds bankruptcy looming on the not too distant horizon. Despite his trepidation he goes back to his job as a private investigator. Upon his return he is assigned to do a […]

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Jess Franco’s Cult Film, MARQUISE DE SADE, To Get Restored And Remastered DVD Release

Jesus “Jess” Franco was considered one of the most dangerous filmmakers of the 70’s by the Catholic Church, and directed over 200 films (feature length and shorts) in his career. Now one of his cult classics is finally making its way to DVD. Full Moon Entertainment are giving Marquise de Sade (aka The Portrait of […]

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