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VHS collection

In Support Of VHS

I’m an old soul.  I like hot rods, I buy music on vinyl (and I did long before it suddenly got cool again), I smoke a pipe (though I’ve cut way back).  My point is that I often dismiss the modern comforts of technology in favor of nostalgic methods. The same goes for the way […]

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Nightmare on Elm Street Bus

5 Back To School Horror Films To Watch This Week

For many young horror fans out there it’s the scariest time of the year. It’s back to school! To ease the pain we thought we’d give you a list of some of the best school-themed horror flicks we could think of.  You’ll find plenty of “cheese” on the list, too–the perfect way to unwind after […]

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Ocean Key Resort

Haunted Destinations: Key West, Florida

If you’re like me, vacation planning usually involves researching at least one ghost tour wherever I happen to be taking the family on that particular trip. The great news for horror fans is that there is certainly no shortage of tours out there in virtually every destination you’d want to visit. I thought it might […]

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bloody microphone

5 Podcast Recommendations For Horror Fans

If you’re a horror fan and you don’t listen to podcasts you’re missing out! Podcasts, in general, are a great way to fill your daily commute, and you can find countless programs on virtually any topic imaginable.  For the horror fan, there are tons of untapped entertainment just waiting to be downloaded! To get you […]

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