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ZADF load Out Sheet Survival List

Emergency Supply List for the Zombie Apocalypse

Emergency Supply List for Disasters (add to List as needed) Soldiers, here’s a good start to your bug-out bag, Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) Kit. If you don’t have any of these supplies, you’d better get busy! The more you have the less you’ll need to rely on anyone else. Stay Vigilant. ~ General Z   1. […]

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Rick Swift

Zombieland – Review

Swift shot: Zombie flicks and me usually don’t get along well, when they are seriously driven, but Zland doesn’t take itself too seriously – it is just a sweet ass ride, one that you will want to experience again and again.  You’ll want to bring different people with you to gauge their reactions, see if they […]

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URDEAD Online Interviews: Introducing URDead Online

A new Multiplayer Online Role-playing Horror Game is in development named URDEAD Online! Zombie MMOs are sort of a hot topic these days, and lots of companies seem to want in on the action. Today, we’re presenting a novel take on the genre, URDead Online. Being billed as a “small scale online role-playing horror game” […]

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The History of Zombie Gaming

We are going to start this section off with the surprising historical background of zombie genre games. Zombie games started popping up as early as 1984 based on the movie The Evil Dead for the Commodore 64 & ZX Spectrum. The Evil Dead was not a true zombie film per se, it leaned more toward demons. BUT they did have zombies! The image below […]

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