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A Multitude Of Terrors Await In The Anthology Film ‘A Night Of Horror: Volume 1’

Now available on Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft, and Vimeo, A Night of Horror: Volume 1 is a chilling Australian anthology filled to the brim with cannibals, demons, the undead, horrifying self-surgery, and so much more! From Deadhouse Films, A Night of Horror: Volume 1 presents ten short films by ten different directors, including Goran Spoljaric (‘Secretions’), Nicholas Colla (‘Palindromes’), […]

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The Work of Jean Rollin Gets Celebrated in a New Collection

Canadian micro-publisher Spectacular Optical has just launched pre-sales for its newest book focused on the career of French fantasy and horror filmmaker Jean Rollin, LOST GIRLS: THE PHANTASMAGORICAL CINEMA OF JEAN ROLLIN. The campaign runs through May 17th and can be found at  Spectacular Optical is offering genre fans an early opportunity to pick up this limited-edition […]

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Allerleiruh…A Fairy Tale to Make You Uncomfortable

I have done a few articles on Fairy Tales and still profess that they are the precursors of horror.  These stories, though fanciful, are dark, brooding, didactic, and often gory or disturbing.  The real tragedy is that so many of the greatest fairy tales are unknown because Disney hasn’t watered them down yet; however, I […]

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Can You Guess My Name?

I have been doing a number of articles on fairy tales.  I think that the Grimm Brothers especially are phenomenal story tellers and the two of the originators of the horror genre.  Their characters range from witches and anamorphic animals to princes and queens.  In my opinion, however, one of their best characters is a […]

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The Little Mermaid – Pain, Love, and Death

Years ago, when I was in school, the entirety of students were shuffled into the gym for a long-forgotten reason, sat down on the hard, wooden floor and “The Little Mermaid” was projected for us all to watch.  I think that my favorite part of this Disney version was the singing seagull who walloped through the […]

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Cinderella…The Real Story

Most people know the story of Cinderella.  Poor orphaned girl with step-mother and even worse-step sisters who woos the dreamy prince charming at a ball in a dress crafted by whimsical animals and a fairy godmother.  We know about the glass slipper and the stroke of midnight.  We know about the happily ever after.  However, […]

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Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories is a Finely Crafted 8 Story House of Horrors

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories Directed by – Nathan Thomas Milliner (“Murder Death Killer” & “Fear, For Sinners Here” segments), P.J. Starks (“Haters” segment) Sean Blevins (“Trick or Treat” segment), John William Holt (“Feeding Time” segment), Jon Maynard (“Blood Bath” segment), Justin M. Seaman (“The Deathday Party” segment), James Treakle (“A Killer House” segment) Featuring […]

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