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‘IT’ Scares Up R Rating

Rejoice, horror fans, as it appears Pennywise won’t be holding back when it comes to visceral terror. Despite the studio trend of the last decade plus to make sure nearly every theatrical horror film gets a tame PG-13 rating, the new adaptation of Stephen King‘s beloved novel ‘IT’ will be rated R when it’s released […]

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crep vs it

CREPITUS Vs. IT – Two Creepy Clown Films Approaching Release

  From Ginger Knight Entertainment comes the dark film Crepitus, starring Bill Moseley as a terrifying, immortal, child eating clown. Haynze Whitmaore directs from the script penned by Eddie Renner and Sarah Renner. Moseley, recognized from his roles in films like The Devil’s Rejects and House of 1000 Corpses, co-stars alongside Chalet Brannan, Eve Mauro, Lance Paul and […]

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Critical Thinking

Actress and well known horror star, Caroline Williams tweeted an article this morning that dovetailed with several previous Cynema posts. Director Brett Ratner called out the dangers of aggregate film score sites like Rotten Tomatoes or the similar Metacritic in an article that devolves into a promo for his upcoming films. You can read it […]

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IT’ Producer Drops Character Photos Of The Losers. Trailer Coming Soon?

We may have a trailer to watch within the next day or so for the newest adaption of Stephen King’s IT. This assumption comes after IT producer Barbara Muschietti, dropped a series of post on Instagram featuring photos from the set of the film featuring Jaeden Wesley, Chosen Jacobs, Jack D. Grazer, Jeremy Ray Taylor, […]

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