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DVD Review: Clown Fear (2020)

Carlee ( Sadie Katz who co-wrote the film along with director Minh Collins) decides gettin’ hitched ain’t her bag (mainly because her future beau is a D-bag) and ditches her wedding along with a cadre of bridesmaids. Their flight takes them waaaay off the beaten path and they find themselves at a motor inn run […]

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Movie Reviews (Frightening Ass Film Fest): After Midnight, Greenlight, and Wrinkles the Clown (all 2019)

After Midnight (formerly titled Something Else) is an odd beast, in the best way. It pushes boundaries on genre blending, resulting in a creature feature film that may be too slow for those hoping for an outright horror outing, but it will highly reward viewers interested in the current trend of quieter, personal fright fare.  […]

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Joker: Cinema Not Cynema

Joker is a horror movie. I will classify it as social horror, while I’ve seen others label it psychological horror. As I find One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Se7en and to an extent Network as social horrors, Joker falls right into this category. Cynema is not about “movie reviews” yet I have to tackle […]

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DVD Review: Clownado (2019)

As Clownado opens, we learn of the dangers of circus-related theft (a true plague to the youth of the nation these days)…which could best be described as kooky clowns showing us that tits n’ darts don’t mix (a lesson I learned all too well at my last soiree at the Crypt o’ XIII)…if they don’t […]

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Four Creepy Character Posters Unleashed For ‘Haunt’

      The brilliant duo behind A Quiet Place, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, has just unleashed the character posters for their newest terrifying tale, Haunt, produced by Eli Roth (Hostel, The Green Inferno). The question is, does this mean there are four killers?     Set on Halloween, the film follows a group of friends […]

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Movie Review: Lasso (2018)

A bunch of old farts and their caretakers embark on a senior citizen field trip to the ol’ row-die-oh. After much carnival game ass-foolery, and ridin’ and ropin’ the sun sets and the murder biz begins, as the psychotic cow pokes behind the show change gears from lassoing to lacerating. Now it’s up to our […]

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