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In Support Of VHS

I’m an old soul.  I like hot rods, I buy music on vinyl (and I did long before it suddenly got cool again), I smoke a pipe (though I’ve cut way back).  My point is that I often dismiss the modern comforts of technology in favor of nostalgic methods. The same goes for the way […]

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little evil poster

Netflix’s Horror Comedy ‘Little Evil’ Gets Hilarious New Trailer

  Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation, Black Mass) and Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man, The Hobbit) are starring in Netflix’s latest original film, the horror-comedy Little Evil. Written and directed by Eli Craig (Zombieland,Tucker & Dale vs Evil), the film centers on Gary (Scott) who has just married the woman of his dreams, Samantha (Lilly), only to discover […]

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Waxwork Records Releases Special Edition ‘Creepshow’ Soundtrack On Vinyl

In 1982, ‘Creepshow’ was released.  If you haven’t seen this horror-anthology film, you need to stop reading this right now and go watch it…I’ll wait.   Waxwork Records has announced the release of a brand new special edition vinyl press of the soundtrack.   This deluxe 2017 re-press features high quality packaging with heavyweight old-style tip on […]

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‘Stranger Things’ Ending With Season 4

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes are favorite television shows. And sadly, it’s confirmed that the nostalgic hit ‘Stranger Things’ will be ending with season four. But before your grief turns you upside down, it’s good to realize that were still waiting on Season 2 to come out this Halloween, meaning we’ve got years of […]

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