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Interview: Picking The Brain Of Fatal Pictures Producer, Zach Green.

Hello again, my Little Monsters. Recently I had the pleasure of posing some questions to Zach Green, producer for Fatal Pictures, to gain insight on various…wait. What am I doing? I tell you what…how about we skip the preamble an you just take a gander at the interview? So without further ado… T. Love – […]

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John Borowski’s Serial Killer Culture

Well…here we are my Little Monsters, we’re in a brand new month. To start off this new month I would like to make a suggestion about something that you really ought to check out. Staring today, March 1st, there is a new six part series from documentary filmmaker John Borowski, entitled Serial Killer Culture TV,  […]

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Stolen Innocence Photography’s ‘Blood Dress’ Taking The Horror Communtiy Storm

An image, titled “Blood Dress”, from photographer Melissa Trotter, is taking the horror community by storm. Trotter, owner of Stolen Innocence Photography, has an amazing talent for capturing the dark and beautiful.   Blood Dress I spoke to Trotter about her artwork/photography. When asked about where she draws her inspiration from she simply answered “Everywhere.” […]

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The Road to Death House Part 1

Let’s build on Eli Roth’s prescient observation. I have written quite a bit on cynicism in filmmaking. If you are just coming to my series, stop here. Go back and read my other pieces. Then you can read this in context. However, he is talking about a SMALL percentage of fans. This is not a […]

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Disney Princesses Reimagined As Horror Icons

  Artist Travis Falligant and recently teamed up to create a collection of reimagined Disney princesses as some of our favorite horror icons. The collaboration had awesome results.   Snow White as Carrie   Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as The Creature From The Black Lagoon   Pocahontas as Jason Voorhes   Merida (Brave) as Chucky […]

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Artist Spotlight: Brit Bentine Owner Of Locked Illusion Photography

Many times I have encountered a dark and beautiful photo of a bloody ballerina, but I was never able find the name of the photographer, until recently when I stumbled across the FaceBook page for Locked Illusions Photography. The company specializes in a unique style of photography, frequently of children. The backdrop is often a […]

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