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Interview With Stuntman, Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer John Fallon – A Man Who Does It All

  This afternoon I had the pleasure of speaking with John Fallon of Bruise Productions. He’s the writer and director of ‘The Shelter’ as well as a stuntman, actor, producer and the founder of  You have probably heard of some of the other films he’s written, directed or starred in like ‘Saw II’, ‘American Muscle’, ‘100 Feet’ or […]

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An Interview With Director Jonathan Patrick Hughes Plus Exclusive Set Photos From (S)aint Nick

Tonight I spoke with an up-and-coming writer and director Jonathan Patrick Hughes about his latest project, the 20 minute short horror film (S)aint Nick, which is being eyed for a Horror Christmas anthology titled The 12 Slays of Christmas by Body Bag Films . Hughes was kind enough to share never-before-seen behind the scenes photos […]

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The Road to Death House Part 1

Let’s build on Eli Roth’s prescient observation. I have written quite a bit on cynicism in filmmaking. If you are just coming to my series, stop here. Go back and read my other pieces. Then you can read this in context. However, he is talking about a SMALL percentage of fans. This is not a […]

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