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Gillian Anderson’s “Show and Tell” for The X-Files Revival

Gillian Anderson can’t really, “tell us much,” about the X-Files Revival, but she does show us this in Fox’s “Show & Tell” teaser:   Fox has been busy creating unique television and internet spots for the January premiere of The X-Files Revival. Fans have been blessed weekly with not only different teasers, but also with some […]

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The X-Files finally comes to Blu-Ray

Tomorrow (December 8th), believers will finally be able to hunt spooks with Special Agents Mulder and Scully in glorious high definition as the complete series FINALLY comes to Blu-Ray! While I am personally excited to have finally have this release, I am a little shocked by the sticker price, a whopping $299.99 (WITHOUT tax)! However, Amazon […]

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X-Files Creator Chris Carter Explains Why Mulder & Scully Are Not Together for the Revival Series

Fans all over the world have eagerly been awaiting the January 24th premier of the X-Files! In just over a month, we will finally get a chance to see Special Agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) on their television sets again. However, X-Files creator, Chris Carter, has confirmed that the two will not be together this season and that […]

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Just Say No To George Lucas (Episode II)

It’s tempting to leave the brilliant Mr. Plinkett Star Wars prequel reviews to suffice for this post. I think they should be used in film classes everywhere. Red Letter Media’s brilliant look at what went wrong with the franchise is without equal and perfectly nails everything wrong with three installments that scarred memories and almost […]

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George Lucas has been kicked around for the facial he gave us with the Star Wars prequels. While he’s taken a new drubbing in the media (Mostly as to why he’s not directing new Star Wars films/not asked to), it all adds to the hype for the upcoming Episode VII, but take a look: […]

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Alien: Isolation – A Review

They say in space, no one can hear you scream. Which is most definitely true. However, the same cannot be said for here on Earth. Thanks to this game, I’m pretty sure my neighbours suspect I either scream like a girl, or have one tied up in my murder room. I’ve played quite a few […]

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Ridley Scott Changes The Title Of ‘Prometheus 2’ Once Again

  Ridley Scott just can’t seem to settle on a name for his upcoming film, ‘Prometheus 2’. The name went from ‘Prometheus 2’ to ‘Alien: Paradise Lost‘ and now the latest name, ‘Alien: Covenant’.     As if the whole situation wasn’t confusing enough, Neill Blomkamp is writing and directing ‘Alien V‘, and with the […]

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A Whole New Thing: When a Remake Isn’t a Remake

The Thing, 2011, is NOT a remake. It is a prequel. I just did more than the entire Universal Studios marketing department with that clarification.   John Carpenter got royally screwed on his 1982 masterpiece. Some call The Thing his greatest film. Others, like me, call it one of the greatest films ever made for […]

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