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Alien Movie Memorabilia: Ten Of Our Favorite Items

Article By:  JustCollecting is a community and rewards club for collectors where members can buy, sell, share and manage their collections, earning exclusive loyalty points to spend on amazing products, special discounts and entry to fantastic competitions. To celebrate Alien, here are ten of our favourite props, costumes and pieces of monstrous memorabilia from […]

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Resident Evil Collectible Looks Like A Zombie’s…You Just Have To See It For Yourself

There are thousands of different horror collectibles out there, from figures, art, clothing, to almost everything you can think of. One interesting item by Japan’s Biohazard Ambassador events is a Resident Evil USB port item, and it looks a lot like a burnt or zombified penis.     While meant to be a zombie finger like […]

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Suspension of Disbelief in Film Dysmorphia

Suspension of Disbelief? Sit through this annoying video up until the 5:00 mark. The fan boy “host” in the above video talks in attention deficit tweets. The video uses jump cut “hip” editing to spill out unabashed respect and love for the CGI technique that brought Peter Cushing back from the grave in “Rogue One.” […]

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10 Great Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas For Horror Fans

Most horror fans collect memorabilia, mass produced figures, posters and other items, but there is a better alternative to giving a gift millions of other people own, hand crafted, one of a kind pieces by artisans. Here are 10 of our favorite artists with unique items that would make fantastic Christmas Gifts.   Paintings, Prints, […]

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You Will Soon Be Able To Add Important Horror Houses To Your Own Collection

The Bradford Exchange, normally recognized for it’s fancy figurines and fine china, has begun a new line of collectibles with horror fans in mind. The new series features homes from popular horror films. The first horror home in the series, titled “America’s Most Haunted Village Collection” is The Amityville Horror House, to be followed by […]

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The X-Files finally comes to Blu-Ray

Tomorrow (December 8th), believers will finally be able to hunt spooks with Special Agents Mulder and Scully in glorious high definition as the complete series FINALLY comes to Blu-Ray! While I am personally excited to have finally have this release, I am a little shocked by the sticker price, a whopping $299.99 (WITHOUT tax)! However, Amazon […]

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George Lucas has been kicked around for the facial he gave us with the Star Wars prequels. While he’s recently taken a new drubbing in the media (Mostly as to why he’s not directing new Star Wars films/not asked to), it all adds to the hype for the upcoming Episode VII, but take a look: […]

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