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The X-Files finally comes to Blu-Ray

Tomorrow (December 8th), believers will finally be able to hunt spooks with Special Agents Mulder and Scully in glorious high definition as the complete series FINALLY comes to Blu-Ray! While I am personally excited to have finally have this release, I am a little shocked by the sticker price, a whopping $299.99 (WITHOUT tax)! However, Amazon […]

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George Lucas has been kicked around for the facial he gave us with the Star Wars prequels. While he’s taken a new drubbing in the media (Mostly as to why he’s not directing new Star Wars films/not asked to), it all adds to the hype for the upcoming Episode VII, but take a look: […]

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A Whole New Thing: When a Remake Isn’t a Remake

The Thing, 2011, is NOT a remake. It is a prequel. I just did more than the entire Universal Studios marketing department with that clarification.   John Carpenter got royally screwed on his 1982 masterpiece. Some call The Thing his greatest film. Others, like me, call it one of the greatest films ever made for […]

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Robert Altman & Popeye vs. Cynema

A few myths need to be dispelled about the 1980 Robin Williams film,  Popeye. It was NOT a boxoffice failure. It was made for 20 million and grossed well over 60 million. While deemed a “disappointment” by Paramount Pictures, it hardly failed.       2. It is NOT Robin Williams’s worst film. I will argue it […]

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Marvel Zombies

Dragons and Zombies, and Stormtroopers, Oh My. (Zombie Apocalypse Defense Force Goes to Dragon Con.)

  This year I represented the ZADF at Dragon Con.  It was no great imposition.  I was going anyway. I go every year. The only real difference is this year I’ll be writing about it.  I’m guessing that many of you have never heard of Dragon Con, and are probably wondering what the hell I’m […]

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Guinness World Record Holder John E. Boylan

Interview: Guinness World Record Holder John E. Boylan

  The Guinness World Record for the largest collection of Swamp Thing memorabilia consists of 797 unique items and belongs to illustrator and designer John E. Boylan (USA). His collection was verified in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA on March 21 2015.   I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Guinness World Record Holder, John E. […]

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Artist Spotlight: Brit Bentine Owner Of Locked Illusion Photography

Many times I have encountered a dark and beautiful photo of a bloody ballerina, but I was never able find the name of the photographer, until recently when I stumbled across the FaceBook page for Locked Illusions Photography. The company specializes in a unique style of photography, frequently of children. The backdrop is often a […]

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photocat w1

Pop Culture Shock Toys Announce New American Werewolf In London Statue

There are thousands of horror collectibles out there. Companies from Funko to McFarlane have collectibles that cover just about every horror movie and show out there, save for one, ‘An America Werewolf in London’. For the past thirty-three years fans have been waiting for a figure that captures the brutality of the beast, in detail. […]

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