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This Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Maquette Statue Will Steal Your Heart

Entertainment Earth has announced that the “Elvira Your Heart Belongs To Me” Maquette Statue from Tweeterhead is now available for pre-order. This magnificent model of The Mistress of The Dark was sculpted by Trevor Gore. Elvira has been a fan favorite ever since The Queen of Halloween came on the scene in 1981 with Elvira’s Movie […]

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Artist Spotlight – Chantal Handley

Chantal Handley, a very talented artist whose ability to capture the likeness her subject is truly incredible. Though Chantal has painted many subjects, her paintings of our favorite horror icons are drawing attention from the horror community. Although the Australian mother of four attended Griffith University and studied animation, she has never had formal art training. She […]

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Attack of the Dolldrums

I was never a “girly girl” and I never was into dolls. So for me to be excited about a doll is a big deal, and I am excited now. I recently stumbled across the most adorable, slightly dark dolls called Dolldrums . These dolls are the creation of Australian artist Kylie Dexter. Dolldrums have […]

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