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Comic Book Heroine Wynonna Earp Coming To SYFY In New Series

Wynonna Earp, brought to life in Beau Smith’s comic book series, is getting her own live-action show on the SyFy channel. The supernatural series follows Wynonna Earp, descendant of “the” Wyatt Earp, who is a special agent for the U.S. Marshalls’ Monster Squad. Earp battles supernatural threats including vampires, zombies, demons and mummies. Wynonna Earp […]

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The Walking Dead’s Negan Has Officially Been Cast !

  After months of rumor and speculation, the role of The Walking Dead’s big, bad, brutal character Negan has been cast. Multiple sources, including The Hollywood Reporter have stated that ‘Supernatural’ actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play the role of The Walking Dead’s f-bomb dropping psycho path and leader of “The Saviors”. During the casting […]

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AMC To Premier The Preacher Trailer During The Upcoming The Walking Dead Special

On November 1st AMC will air a special 90-minute episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ to celebrate “The Walking Dead Mega Sunday”. During the extended ‘Here’s Not Here’ episode, AMC will premier the trailer for their new series ‘Preacher‘, starring Dominic Cooper (Agent Carter, Dracula Untold). The new series is based on the adaption of Garth […]

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Hack/Slash Comic Being Adapted For TV

The cult horror comic ‘Hack/Slash’ will be joining the ranks of ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Outcast’ and the horde of other comics being adapted for TV.  Skip Woods, the man behind ‘Hitman’, will be penning the script for the new series as well as serving executive producer, along with Adrian Askarieh, Daniel Alter and Geoffrey Yim. […]

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John Lepper On His New Record Setting Comic ‘We Kill The Dead’

John Lepper, film producer, writer, special effects makeup artist and horror fan, is now working on a comic titled ‘We Kill The Dead’. There is something very special about this comic, it will hold the record for most cameos by characters in horror films, supernatural characters to be exact. Not only will the comic have […]

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