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AMC Orders Season One Of ‘Preacher’

Since I first heard that AMC had ordered the pilot for ‘Preacher‘, the adaption of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s fantastic comic book by the same name, I’ve wondered how AMC would get around some of the controversial content. The biggest concern is the comic’s not so pleasant references to God. I guess they are […]

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The 90s: Designer Horror

Somewhere in the 80s, someone got the idea that horror should be less frightening and more sexy and trendy. I am not sure where it happened, but a good starting point might be Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The “World Premiere Video” back when MTV aired videos and before its implosion was the thing to see. Director […]

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Review: Dark Horse Comics’ “Midnight Society: The Black Lake #2”

I reviewed the premiere issue of Midnight Society: The Black Lake here and was looking forward to reading the second installment. The first issue blew me away with it’s masterful storytelling, other-worldly artwork, and it’s alluring dialogue. I was sure that the second issue would be just as good, if not better. I was wrong. The suspenseful […]

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Interview: Chris Welsh Of “Wart-The Comic”

A bit about the book from it’s creator: Wart is an original horror comic series starring Wart Bellamy, an unfortunate young fellow ripped from his reality and tossed into a mysterious, other-worldly ‘Asylum for the Belligerently Insane’. It’s written by Chris Welsh (from the UK) and drawn by Ammar Al-Chalabi (from The Netherlands). There are monsters, […]

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