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This October An Ancient Creature Escapes The Tar Pits In ‘Tar’ (Trailer)

    Howling Wolf Productions’ creature feature, Tar is set to have an exclusive theatrical run in select drive-in theaters this October.   Based on legends, the film begins in the murky depths of Los Angeles’ world-famous natural attraction, the La Brea Tar Pits wherein ana ancient secret lies – a creature that is suddenly […]

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Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension Review: Flesh City (2019)

Before I kick of this revoltin’ review, let me state that if you are negatively effected by rapid strobing light and images, you may want to avoid this film. The basics of Flesh City goes as follows: Vyren (Christian Serritiello) meets Loquette (Eva Ferox) in a Berlin industrial nightclub, get a dude named Cyril (Shaun […]

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Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension Review: Troma’s Mutant Blast (2018)

Para-military bad-ass Maria (Maria Leite) frees science experiment TS-347 (Joaquim Guerreiro); a man with superhuman strength…and as a result an entire military complex and their zombies (though that word is taboo in this pic my creeps!) are after their asses but good! Enter: Pedro (Pedro Barão Dias), a real party animal cum ambition deficient dude […]

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Sci-Fi Horror ‘Monster Hunters’ Has Been Unleashed

    The Asylum’s sci-fi horror Monster Hunters (not to be confused with Monster Hunter (2021) starring Milla Jovovich or  Yilin Dai’s Monster Hunters (2020) ) has just been unleashed on VOD and has a new DVD release date set for September.   In the film, “an alien prison ship crash lands and unleashes creature […]

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The CW Debuts New “Swamp Thing” Trailer

If you missed your chance to see DC’s short-lived “Swamp Thing” series, don’t fret. The show is coming to The CW in time for Halloween! Ahead of its arrival, a new trailer has been unleashed by The CW. Check it out below.   Produced by James Wan, the series based on the DC characters created […]

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shark island

A First Glimpse Of ‘Shark Island’ Starring Michael Paré

    Shark season is here! Michael Paré and country music star Erin Alvey jump into the waters in Thailand’s Shark Island. Check out the first poster (above). In the film, directed by Stephen “Scruffy” Edgewood, several beautiful models are invited to an exotic location for a photo shoot. There they model a rare $10 million dollar necklace for a wealthy investor. Unbeknownst to them, the island’s surroundings are infested with […]

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Blu-ray Review: Tales From the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

Scream Factory is set to release the fearsome feature version of beloved arcane anthology program Tales From the Darkside, and I have had a chance to feast my eerie eyeballs upon it. So as I literally always do, here’s a revoltin’ review! Tales From the Darkside begins with it’s wrap-around segment; the story of a […]

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