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Pacific Rim Aftermath_Part 4_Page 4 & 5_preview

New Threats Emerge In Latest ‘Pacific Rim Aftermath’ Comic

The fourth issue of the six-part comic series Pacific Rim Aftermath by Legendary Comics is now available online and in stores. The comic series takes place after the events of the first Pacific Rim film and is the official prequel to the movie’s sequel starring John Boyega.     The series focuses on the criminal […]

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Stay Out Of The Water ‘Crocodylus’ Is Coming (New Trailer)

  From director Myles Erfurth and co-writer Michael Mclaren comes Crocodylus, the story of a small town faced with a ferocious beast and the new trailer has just bared its teeth.     In the film, excitement and joy descend upon a small mid-Florida town called Peaceful Creek, as they kick-off Spring Break.  NDMD 11 news station […]

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Bears Go To War In Webcomic ‘Bearmageddon’

While Hollywood is obsessed with putting things into tornados, the corners of the internet have a hidden gem, a webcomic titled Bearmageddon by Ethan Nicolle. Ethan has been making comics for years with his most notable work being Axe Cop that was created by his little brother (5 years old at the time) Malachai.   […]

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Movie Review: Soft Matter (2018)

Two scientists work in a run down facility performing bizarre experiments that result in half human/half marine life hybrids…all in the name of discovering the secrets of immortality. Into that strangeness step two graffiti artists hoping to make an artistic statement (based on ghosts…). Before long  a Sea-god is walking the Earth, wine and cheese […]

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New Clip From ‘Deep Blue Sea 2’ Reminds You To Rememer “The First Rule”

  This time, they’re stronger, wiser, deadlier…   The scientists are building better sharks in Deep Blue Sea 2, the sequel to 1999’s hit shark movie. Ahead of tomorrow’s release on Digital, DVD and Blu-ray Combo Pack, we have a new clip to share. In the sequel directed by Darin Scott (Tales from the Hood), “A shark […]

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‘Lake Placid: Legacy’ Premieres On Syfy This May

In 1999, Lake Placid swam in and Syfy quickly went to work creating the franchise. The latest film, Lake Placid: Legacy, is set to premiere this May. Darrell Roodt directed the film, which stars Joe Pantoliano, Katherine Barrell, Tim Rozon, Sai Bennett, Luke Newton, Craig Stein, and Greg Kriek.   Legacy, “Taking place several years after […]

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