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#SaveHannibal Is Trending After Fans Upset By News Of “Clarice” Series

Following the news reports earlier today about CBS greenlighting the Silence of the Lamb spin-off series “Clarice“, fans have taken to social media with #SaveHannibal in an attempt to breathe new life into the “Hannibal” series that was canceled back in 2015 after three seasons. Fans refuse to give hope that Bryan Fuller’s series adaptation […]

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The Worst Serial Killer In US History: Samuel Little Charged With Cold Case Murder

      “The Worst Serial Killer in U.S. history,” that’s the title the FBI has given Samuel Little who has recently been indicted for a killing that happened more than 30 years ago in Georgia, news channel WGXA is reporting. The killer confessed to two murders that took place in Macon, Georgia in 1977 […]

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Movie Review: Abstruse (2019)

Justin (Kris Reilly) and his best friend Daniel (Dennis Marin) hope to coerce a duo of barmaids, Mindy (Jessika Johnson) and Amanda (Kaiti Wallen), into making ye olde porno, which naturally results in Justin strangling Mindy to death. Amanda is none to thrilled, makes her escape, and informs the police… but they do jack shit […]

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Michael Sheen Starring In New Film Based On The Green River Killer

True crime and serial killers have never been more popular than they are right now. Series and films continue to be released based on real killers. One film in development for 2020 is based on the notorious Green River Killer, Gary Ridgway. According to IMDb, “Good Omens”  actor Michael Sheen will star, write, direct and […]

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David Tennant Starring In New True Serial Killer Series “Des”

“Doctor Who” and “Good Omens” star David Tennant is set to play serial killer Dennis Nilsen in the ITV series “Des” about the Scottish serial killer who murdered men in London in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The three-part series is based on the book by Brian Masters who penned the killer’s biography, “Killing […]

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Movie Reviews (Frightening Ass Film Fest): After Midnight, Greenlight, and Wrinkles the Clown (all 2019)

After Midnight (formerly titled Something Else) is an odd beast, in the best way. It pushes boundaries on genre blending, resulting in a creature feature film that may be too slow for those hoping for an outright horror outing, but it will highly reward viewers interested in the current trend of quieter, personal fright fare.  […]

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