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Unsolved Mysteries Coming To Streaming And Digital HD Platforms

  Few things spooked me as a kid like the true tales of murder and mystery on ‘Unsolved Mysteries’, hosted by Robert Stack. The stories features on ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ were very real, making the series much more terrifying than any horror film I came across. They explored cold cases, unsolved crimes, murders, missing persons, criminals […]

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Scott Foley To Play A Killer In The True Crime Film Final Vision

  Scott Foley has appeared in several successful series including ‘Scandal’, the medical comedy ‘Scrubs’, and the vampire series ‘True Blood’ . He also had a major role in Wes Craven’s 2000 sequel ‘Scream 3’. Now, Foley is making his return to the genre in the upcoming true crime film ‘Final Vision’ as real life […]

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Creepy Clown Harrasing Neighborhood Gets Shot

  Across the nation clowns have been terrifying citizens and harassing kids, even forcing some cities to cancel school days. A few clowns have been arrested, but many towns are still living in fear. Today, one clown that had been harassing a neighborhood in Fort Wayne, Indiana got shot. Let’s face it, it was just […]

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[FILM REVIEW] SpaghettiMan’ Is Reminiscent To Deadpool’ In A Good Way

In the wake of the box office hit starring Ryan Reynolds, adapted from a Marvel Comic (written/illustrated by Rob Liefeld and Fabien Nicieza), Deadpool, Spaghettiman’ was born. The film in which I felt nearly took the modern era comedy streak Deadpool dabbled with and tweaked it for its own good. And it worked. The outrageous […]

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