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Suspension of Disbelief in Film Dysmorphia

Suspension of Disbelief? Sit through this annoying video up until the 5:00 mark. The fan boy “host” in the above video talks in attention deficit tweets. The video uses jump cut “hip” editing to spill out unabashed respect and love for the CGI technique that brought Peter Cushing back from the grave in “Rogue One.” […]

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Doctor Who Star Joins The House Of Screaming Death’ [NEW POSTER & TRAILER RELEASED]

The Architect was found! Ian McNeice (From Hell, White Noise, Doctor Who, Dune, Ace Ventura When Nature Calls, Doc Martin is said to portray The Architect in Dave Hastings’s newest flick ‘The House of Screaming Death’. His role is said to be of a mysterious figure with a shocking secret, who tells 4 bone-chilling stories […]

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The Road to Death House Part 1

Let’s build on Eli Roth’s prescient observation. I have written quite a bit on cynicism in filmmaking. If you are just coming to my series, stop here. Go back and read my other pieces. Then you can read this in context. However, he is talking about a SMALL percentage of fans. This is not a […]

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Zak Bagans’ Demon House Demolished After Documentary Wraps

The so called “Demon House” of Gary, Indiana became infamous after a family experienced severe paranormal events. The alleged hauntings, and rumored possessions that occurred during the time that the Ammons’ family resided in the home made papers and news shows nationwide and drew the attention of paranormal investigator and host of  the series Ghost Adventures, Zak […]

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Part 1 of The X-Files Breakdown Seasons 1 – 3

The X-Files centers around two F.B.I. agents, Fox Mulder, the believer, and Dana Scully, the skeptic. The two spent 9 seasons and 2 major motion pictures investigating the strange and unexplained, all while hidden forces worked to impede their efforts. The X-Files was inspired by shows which featured elements of suspense and speculative fiction. The two could not […]

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A Fleet Of Ghost Ships Arrive On The Coast Japan Like A Scene Out Of A Horror Film

A Fleet of eleven ghost ships have washed up on the coast of Japan. No, this is not the plot of a new horror film, eleven REAL ghost ships mysteriously appeared on Japan’s coast yesterday (November 28th), carrying the remains of of twenty-three sailors, like a scene out of the 2002 film Ghost Ship or […]

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“All of the darkness looks alive.” A Review Rodney Ascher’s “The Nightmare” Documentary.

While the idea of watching a documentary about sleep paralysis doesn’t seem that thrilling, Rodney Ascher has the ability to capture each sufferers moment of horror and somehow bring it to life for the viewer in his newest film,“The Nightmare.” Now, horror documentaries have a tendency to turn into mocumentaries, often spoofing classic horror films, however, […]

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