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Deleted Scenes Of ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Tim Burton’s 1993 film ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is beloved by most horror fans. Who doesn’t love Jack Skellington (Danny Elfman) and Sally (Cathrine O’Hara) ? Many fans have never seen the deleted scenes that were cut or never made it to filming. With Halloween drawing near, I thought it was time to share these little […]

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Kevin Smith To Direct Segment In ‘Holidays’ Horror Anthology

There has been a lot of buzz lately about writer/director Kevin Smith and his upcoming film projects ‘Yoga Hosers’, ‘Moose Jaws’ and ‘Clerks III’. I have now learned that Smith has yet another project underway. This time Smith is also directing a segment for the new holiday horror film titled ‘Holidays’. The film puts a […]

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Michael Myers Is Back In A New Movie Titled ‘Halloween Returns’

Michael Myers is back again, in a new film titled ‘Halloween Returns’. Dimension Films has announced that the new ‘Halloween’ has now entered preproduction. ‘Halloween Returns’ will not be connected to Rob Zombie’s version of the 1979 classic or the original series. Patrick Melton will be co-writing the script along with Marcus Dunstan, who will be […]

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‘Halloween’ Is Getting Yet Another Reboot

You may recognize the names of the writing duo of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the team are behind several great horror movies of the past decade. Their credits include several of the ‘Saw’ franchise, ‘The Collector’ (2009) and ‘The Collection’ (2012). They also wrote 2013’s ‘Pacific Rim’. Now the duo has been tasked with writing the […]

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Uli Edel’s ‘Pay the Ghost’

Uli Edel, the director behind the series ‘Houdini’ (starring Adrien Brody), has begun production of his latest film titled ‘Pay the Ghost’. This paranormal film was written by Dan Kay, and will have an all star cast including: Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider), Veronica Ferres (The Devil’s Violinist), Lyriq Bent (12 Monkeys), and Sarah Wayne Callies, who […]

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Women In Horror Month: Cassandra Peterson, Elvira ‘Mistress Of The Dark’

Late one night when I was twelve and up past curfew, I was channel surfing when I found reruns of  this cheesy horror movie (I was already a horror addict by that point), suddenly this divine creature in a skin tight black dress came across the screen, Elvira, I was fascinated. Over the years my […]

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Will ‘Tales Of Halloween’ Be A Trick Or A Treat?

On Halloween night ghosts, imps, ax murderers and all sorts of nasty things come out terrorize the residents of a sleepy suburb. ‘Tales of Halloween’ is an anthology made of ten segments, by eleven directors, that are linked by a common event. Sam Witwer (Being Human) stars in ‘Tales of Halloween’ along with ‘Heroes’ star Greg […]

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