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Amityville Horrible

The only fact about any of the Amityville Horror films is that the DeFeo family was murdered in their sleep inside the house on 112 Ocean Avenue. The real horror is what the surviving relatives of the murdered Defeo’s must endure every time one of these lousy films is made. Hollywood cynicism goes beyond making […]

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The Scariest Parade On Earth, Austria’s Annual Krampus Parade

    With Christmas rapidly approaching and Krampus opening in theaters this weekend, the anti-Santa is everywhere, including Austria’s yearly Krampus parade.     At the “Krampuuslauf Graz” parade, known as “The scariest parade on Earth”, hundreds of people dressed in their scariest Krampus themed costumes join to celebrate the legend and scare who they can.   […]

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You Better Watch Out, Krampus Is Coming To Town This Weekend!

    Legendary Pictures in-conjunction with Universal will be unleashing Michael Dougherty’s holiday-horror-film, Krampus, in theaters this weekend.     The film follows Max, played by Emjay Anthony (Insurgent), a young man who has turned his back on Christmas. During the holiday, as his family’s dysfunction reaches an all time high, Krampus, an ancient deity […]

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ravens 3

The Unkindness Of Ravens

  Director Lawrie Brewster’s latest film, ‘The Unkindness of Ravens’, was inspired by Norse and Celtic mythology surrounding Raven Warriors. Brewster describes the film as “Apocalypse Now meets The Evil Dead’.     The film stars Scott Gordon, in the role of Andrew, a homeless Army veteran suffering from PTSD. Andrew, battling with his inner […]

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Blumhouse Presents: ‘Fifteen’ The World’s First Live Periscope Horror Film

On October 29th (2015), ‘Fifteen’, the world’s first live horror film debuted. ‘Fifteen’ was broadcast using Twitter’s Periscope app. The film lasts exactly fifteen minutes, hence the name. ‘Fifteen’ was developed by director Michael Gavin Booth (The Scarehouse) and Ryan Turek of Blumhouse Productions. ‘Fifteen’ stars Neil Napier of ‘Helix’, Sarah Booth, Hannah Kat Jones, Paula […]

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The History Of Halloween

The holiday known as Halloween, originated with two separate festivals, the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced Sow-en) and the Christian’s All Saints Day. Celts celebrated “Samhain” (Summer’s End) as far back as 2,000 years ago. This was the time when they held festivals celebrating the dead, the harvest and the beginning of the new year (November 1st). The […]

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Christine H. McConnell, The Artist Who Created The Famous Monster House

One of the best parts of Halloween is roaming around, seeing the creative ways people decorate their homes. Christine H. McConnell, a photographer, artist and model, takes decorating to a whole new level. This Halloween, her DIY house, covered in eyes, is beyond awesome. McConell has stated that she has had a life long affair […]

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