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October Movie Releases

October is the ultimate month for horror films and all things spooky. There are tones of movie marathons on this month along with “31 Days of Halloween” celebrations. There are also several great horror films that will see release this month. And here they are… Click the highlighted title to find out more and to […]

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The 13 Most Disturbing Kids In Horror

There are few things creepier in a horror film than children. To see someone meant to be sweet and innocent be twisted into a villain really gets under your skin. Typically, there are four types of children in horror films, The Witness, The Villain, The Victim and The Non-Victim A good example of “The Witness” […]

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420 1

10 Horror Films To Watch On 420

10 great stoner horror films to celebrate today, 420. And we all know what that means. Cabin In The Woods (Netflix) Usually the stoner is one of the first characters in a film to be killed off, not in Cabin in the Woods. In fact Marty, played by Fran Kranz, is actually the hero in […]

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You'll Know His Name

You’ll Know His Name

You’ll Know My Name   Drama 2010  Not Rated  Directed, Written & Produced by Joe Raffa Starring: Joe Raffa, David J. Bonner, Alexander Mandell, Mianna Saxton, Chuck Connors, Tommy Sztubinksi, Brian Gallagher, Davy Raphaley, Nicole Cinaglia   Website: YKMN Cynema is not about reviews. While a critical look is often afforded to specific films, this is not […]

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