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Making a Killing

…with “other things being equal, simpler explanations are generally better than more complex ones.” — Occam’s Razor Read the above statement on Occam’s Razor. This post is about the “docuseries” Making a Murderer, the Netflix “docuseries” that has a second season coming. This post is not about whether Steven Avery is guilty or innocent. It […]

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You’ll Know His Name

You’ll Know My Name   Drama 2010  Not Rated  Directed, Written & Produced by Joe Raffa Starring: Joe Raffa, David J. Bonner, Alexander Mandell, Mianna Saxton, Chuck Connors, Tommy Sztubinksi, Brian Gallagher, Davy Raphaley, Nicole Cinaglia   Website: YKMN Cynema is not about reviews. While a critical look is often afforded to specific films, this is not […]

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Christopher MacBride’s “The Conspiracy”

We all have that one person who is our go to paranoid conspiracy theorist… heck, maybe it is even you! Christopher MacBride’s “The Conspiracy” perfectly descends deeper and deeper into the world occupied by those who believe in certain paranoias, such as, 9/11 and The Illuminati. The film itself is marketed as a horror documentary, and […]

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The X-Files Re-Opened

The truth is out there… and Fox has the inside story on the return of The X-Files. Go behind the scenes with the creator Chris Carter, stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, and all the key players as they reveal secrets from the set and take you on the epic journey of bringing the classic series […]

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Clever Girl’s Top 5 Films of 2015

This year was a fantastic year for film! “Mad Max,” “Jurassic Park,” “Star Wars,” and “The Terminator” all appeared once again on the big screen. Horror fans had an opportunity to enjoy remakes such as “Poltergeist,” and see sequels to “Insidious” as well as “Paranormal Activity.” We had the conclusion to “The Hunger Games” and […]

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The Blackout Experiment, The Most Extreme Documentary Ever Made

  The Blackout Experiments, billed as the most extreme, immersive horror documentary ever made in America, is not for the faint of heart. The film is designed to manipulate our darkest psychological fears.     The Blackout Experiments focuses on a group of friends whose experiences with a dark psycho-sexual horror experience develop into an […]

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Todd Douglas Miller’s documentary “Dinosaur 13”

If this past year at the box office has taught us anything, it is that dinosaurs STILL rule the earth! One could say that dinosaurs are Earth’s first REAL monsters…. “Carnosaur,” “Dinosaur Hell,” “Dinosaur Island,” “Dinosaur Lake,” “Extinction,” are just a few of the horror films that come to mind when I think of these prehistoric […]

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