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“All of the darkness looks alive.” A Review Rodney Ascher’s “The Nightmare” Documentary.

While the idea of watching a documentary about sleep paralysis doesn’t seem that thrilling, Rodney Ascher has the ability to capture each sufferers moment of horror and somehow bring it to life for the viewer in his newest film,“The Nightmare.” Now, horror documentaries have a tendency to turn into mocumentaries, often spoofing classic horror films, however, […]

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George Lucas has been kicked around for the facial he gave us with the Star Wars prequels. While he’s taken a new drubbing in the media (Mostly as to why he’s not directing new Star Wars films/not asked to), it all adds to the hype for the upcoming Episode VII, but take a look: […]

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Zac Bagans’ Documentary On The Demon House Nears Completion

Zac Bagans, leader of the ‘Ghost Hunters’ paranormal research group, has stated that his documentary film ‘The Demon House’ is now in the last stages of post-production.   The Demon House documentary follows “The Ghost Hunters” investigation  of the Ammons House, known as “The Demon House”,  that Zak Bagans purchased from Latoya Ammons  last year for $35,000. […]

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New Documentary ‘Hail To The Deadites’ Explores The Fandom Of ‘The Evil Dead’

With Bruce Campbell returning to his role as Ash Williams in the new STARZ series ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’, fans of the of the original 1980 film have been ecstatic. Now, a documentary, ‘Hail to the Deadites’, from Digger Films and directed by Steve Villeneuve, will celebrate the fans of the franchise and series that […]

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Watch The Shining Documentary ‘View From The Overlook’ Here

You can now watch Gary Leva’s ‘The Shining’ documentary ‘View from the Overlook’ for free online, right here.  The documentary, once only available to those who purchased the 2-disc DVD special edition of Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, was made available on line by Leva, giving all fans of ‘The Shining’ access to interviews and insider […]

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Cynema: Based On A True Story (Sort Of)

“Based On A True Story” “Based On True Events” “Most Of What You Are About to See Is True” “Some Of This Is Bullshit” “The Names Have Been Changed, Certain Dialogue Has Been Made Up” “We Have An Agenda And We Want to Entertain You” “You’ve Become So Ignorant to Real Events, You Wouldn’t Know […]

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New Documentary To Explore ‘The Curse Of Poltergeist’

Filmmaker Adam Ripp will explore the curse that supposedly has plagued the cast and crew of Steven Spielberg’s ‘Poltergeist’ franchise, in a new documentary, titled ‘The Curse of Poltergeist’. Ripp’s company, Vega Baby, will be financing and producing the documentary in conjunction with MD Pictures. THR quoted Ripp as saying “The documentary will focus on the […]

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why horror

Documentary ‘Why Horror’ Premiering On Showtime Later This Month

A trailer for the upcoming documentary ‘Why Horror’ has now been released by Showtime. The documentary follows Tal Zimerman, a horror fan, collector and writer, as he travels around the world attempting to understand why horror fans thrive on gore and fear. Zimerman meets with horror’s top filmmakers, actors, writers and psychologist to explore how […]

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‘Pet Sematary’ Documentary Slated For Release in 2016

  ‘Pet Sematary’ is the latest classic horror film to be the focus of a documentary. The documentary, titled ‘Unearthed & Untold: The Path to Pet Sematary’, has been acquired by Terror Films and is set to be released in early 2016. The documentary was written and directed by John Campopiano and Justin White, who […]

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