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Human Hibachi: Mario Cerrito III Talks About His New Film In An Interview

Writer-director Mario Cerrito III has a new upcoming horror film, Human Hibachi, and he sat down to talk with us, giving our readers a little taste of what they can expect.     Horror Fuel: “We shared the first batch of images from Human Hibachi when they were released. They seem to be teasing cannibalistic aspect […]

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DVD Review: Sleep No More (2018)

In the mid ’80’s a gaggle o’ graduate students are conducting sleep deprivation experiments (involving an untested drug), which of course go completely sideways resulting in their control subject going berserk and dying. Besides most likely getting a big, fat “F” for the semester (bummer), our heroes’ experiment is completely shut down by the powers […]

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Short Film Review: The Eyes That See in the Dark (2018)

Man-oh-man is ol’ Christina (Jessica Blaney) ever in some dire straits boils n’ ghouls! You see, it seems she’s inadvertently turned her body into a human AirBnB after a failed seance of sorts, and a dastardly demon has rented that shit out with the quickness! To try and remedy this, her mother (Maria C. Blaney) […]

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Australian Thriller ‘3rd Night’ Hunts Down An October U.S. Release Date

    From up and coming director Adam Graveley (“Killer Experience”) comes 3rd Night which follows two poachers to a remote home. there, a newly married Jonathan (Robert Hartburn, Hidden Light) and Megan Reid (Jesse McGinn, Broken Contract) are terrorized in their new farmhouse. Bruce Denny (Death Bet) and Connor Gosatti (Midnight Ticket) also star.         […]

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Movie Review: Obsidian Curse (2016)

Party girl/junkie Blair (Karin Brauns) is sent to the big house for a year after being arrested while snorting coke off from a woman’s stomach, as one does. After being released from prison, she’s clean and sober, but she discovers her boyfriend Roberto has moved on and gotten married, and worse still…his new beau is […]

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Movie Review: Knuckleball (2018)

Young Henry (Luca Villacis) is dropped off by his parents for the weekend at his grandpa Jacob’s (Michael Ironside) farm. Things go just peachy as the duo toss baseballs around and do projects around the farm…I mean what could possibly go wrong? Well, gramps dies one night for one thing…so that’s a fuckin’ bummer, but […]

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Friday the 13th - The Game_1

There’s New Blood In ‘Friday The 13th: The Game’

There’s big changes’ coming for the video game featuring everyone’s favorite hockey mask wearing killer. Sadly before you get excited, sorry, there’s no new content coming out for “Friday the 13th: The Game”, see this previous article for details.       Illfonic, the indie game developer that was partnered with Gun Media will be […]

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