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Jess Franco’s Cult Film, MARQUISE DE SADE, To Get Restored And Remastered DVD Release

Jesus “Jess” Franco was considered one of the most dangerous filmmakers of the 70’s by the Catholic Church, and directed over 200 films (feature length and shorts) in his career. Now one of his cult classics is finally making its way to DVD. Full Moon Entertainment are giving Marquise de Sade (aka The Portrait of […]

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Underworld Actress Gives Update On The Long Awaited Blade Sequel

Fans of the ‘Blade’ franchise have eagerly awaited news of a new film hat has been rumored for years. Today, we have a confirmation from an unlikely source, ‘Underworld’s’ Kate Beckinsale who lays the badass character Selene.     During this past weekend’s New York Comic Con, Beckinsale was answering questions about her soon to […]

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Two New Clips Reveal The Horrors Of Patient Seven – Out On Redbox, VOD And Digital HD This Week

  We’ve been following ‘Patient Seven’, an upcoming horror anthology, for a while. Back in August we reported the release of its new poster and trailer. Terror Films has now announced the release date along with a new clip. They will release a new clip every week up to the film’s October debut on VOD […]

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New Trailer Unveiled For The Shelter – In Theaters And On Digital HD This November

  Writer-director-producer John Fallon’s thriller ‘The Shelter’ will arrive in theaters and Digital HD this November. Today, we have a brand new trailer. The film stars Michael Paré (Abattoir, Village of the Damned, Eddie and the Cruisers I & II) in one of his most acclaimed performances in recent times. The story follows a broken homeless man who has […]

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Harrison Smith’s New Virtual Reality Horror Film ‘360 Degrees Of Hell’ Is Coming

  Recall Studios has unleashed a new virtual reality experience like you have never seen before. The film, titled ‘360 Degrees of Hell’, stars ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’s’ Amanda Wyss and Lauren Compton who starred in the VR experience ‘Help!’.     ‘360 Degrees of Hell’ was directed by B. Harrison Smith, the man […]

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The First Trailer For ‘The Monster’ Arrives

    A24’s ‘The Monster’, originally titled ‘There Are Monsters‘, is now available exclusively on Direct TV to be followed by its theatrical and VOD release on November 11th. The film, directed by Bryan Bertino, writer, director and producer of Netflix’s hit original series ‘Stranger Things’, has just unveiled its first trailer. ‘The Monster’ follows […]

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The Thinning Finds Its Trailer And Release Date

The trailer for writer-director Michael J. Gallagher’s new futuristic film ‘The Thinning’ has just been released. “In The Thinning, Logan Paul and Peyton List (“Jessie,” “Bunk’d”) star as Blake and Laina, students who live in the future where population control is dictated by an aptitude test given in high school. When they discover the test […]

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