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Emma Watson Stars In The Dark Thriller ‘Regression’

The delightful young lady who made magic happen in the ‘Harry Potter’ series is all grown up. Emma Watson’s latest role is as the traumatized Angel Gray in Alejandro Amenabar’s ‘Regression’. In 1990 in a small town in Minnesota, a young lady named Angela comes to Detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke) to report that her father, John […]

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Cinemax To Bring Robert Kirkman’s Comic ‘Outcast’ To Life

Cinemax’s new show titled ‘Outcast’ has been picked up for ten episodes. The show is an exorcism drama and is from Robert Kirkman, executive producer of ‘The Walking Dead’, and Adam Wingard (‘V/H/S’, ‘The Guest’). ‘Outcast’, like The Walking Dead, is adapted from a graphic novel created by Kirkman. The graphic novel follows Kyle Barnes (Patrick […]

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‘The Conjuring 2’ Gets A New Writer And A Release Date

David Johnson, who wrote ‘Wrath Of The Titans’,  has been hired by ‘Newline’ to rewrite the script for ‘The Conjuring 2 : The Edenfield Project’. Brilliant director James Wan will be returning to direct the paranormal thriller.   The first movie, ‘The Conjuring’ was well received by fans. The story revolved around a family who’s […]

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New Details Released About Bruce Campbell’s Groovy New Series ‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’

Earlier this year we got the fantastic news that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi were teaming up with ‘Starz’ to create a series based on the 1981 movie ‘Evil Dead’. Raimi directed the cult classic, ‘Evil Dead’, which starred the charismatic Bruce Campbell, who kicked deadite ass with a chainsaw for a hand. The fans […]

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New Details On The Leatherface Prequel

Leatherface, the main character from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is the newest addition to the long list of slasher icons getting new movies over the next couple of years. The list includes icons like Chucky, Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees and Scream’s Ghostface. The movie’s title is simply “Leatherface”.   The French duo  Julien Maury and Alexander Bustillo […]

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From The Producer Of ‘Sinister’ Comes The Horror Thriller ‘Kristy’

  “There is a place on the internet where terror has no boundaries and every victim is given one name, Kristy” When a college campus is left almost empty over the Thanksgiving break, a young woman becomes the target of a group of strangers out for blood. The group is not only stalking Justine. They are tormenting her and the […]

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