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Scream Queen Danielle Harris Stars In ‘Inoperable’ Coming Soon To Theaters

  This December witness Halloween and the Hatchet franchise’s Danielle Harris as she fights to escape a malevolent force during a hurricane in Christophe Lawrence Chapman’s Inoperable.     From the Press Release: Los Angeles, CA – Zorya Films and Millman Productions are putting scream queen Danielle Harris under the knife with the December 1st theatrical release of Christopher Lawrence Chapman’s Inoperable.  […]

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Supernatural Thriller ‘Somebody’s Darling’ Set To Arrive This December

Sharad Patel makes his directorial debut with the award-winning supernatural thriller Somebody’s Darling which addresses privilege and hard topics such as sexual assault. Co-written by Patel and Sebastian Matthews, Somebody’s Darling stars Paul Glavin, Jessa Settle, Fred Park Jr., Matt Tramel, Kristen Tucker, and Cathy Baron. From the Press Release: Los Angeles, CA– UFOClub Creative […]

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Movie Review: Down/The Lift Are the Best Killer Elevator Flicks You Will See (This Week)

  When the elevators in the Millennium Building in ol Manhattan Towne begin to malfunction (and by malfunction, I mean go completely ape shit and murder everyone in sight), elevator repairman Mark and plucky journalist Jennifer are off and running to solve the mystery (with little help from the police assigned to the case). So […]

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Terror Films Releases Two Horror Documentaries From Seth Breedlove

  Two documentaries Seth Breedlove’s Boggy Creek Monster and The Mothman of Point Pleasant arrive today on digital from Terror Films. Both documentaries will take viewers on a journey through legend to the truth.   From the Press Release: LOS ANGELES, CA (November 21, 2017): Terror Films, in association with documentary filmmaker Seth Breedlove, is widening the platform availability […]

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Outbreak Thriller ‘Flashburn’ Coming To VOD This December

  Level 33 Entertainment has announced the release date for the sci-fi thriller Flashburn from Smoke Hammer Media.     From the Press Release: Los Angeles (CA) – Level 33 Entertainment has announced today the upcoming release of the Sci-Fi Thriller feature film FLASHBURN from Smoke Hammer Media starring Sean Patrick Flannery (The Boondock Saints, The Evil Within, & Saw 3D: The Final […]

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