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James Franco Boards Alien Covenant

  Not only has production begun, Ridley Scott’s ‘Alien Covenant’ is picking up speed. Today, huge casting news was announced via AvP Galaxy. ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ star James Franco has signed on to make an appearance in ‘Covenant’. He will be playing Daniels’ (Katherine Waterson) husband Branson.   Image: Tracking-Board   […]

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Witness The Birth Of A New Horror Icon In Glenn Douglas Packard’s ‘Pichfork’ – New Trailer

    Glenn Douglas Packard’s makes his directorial debut with the highly anticipated horror film ‘Pitchfork‘, set to open in theaters and arrive On Demand this January from Uncork’d Entertainment. A new poster and trailer has just arrived, giving us a hint of the horror that the film contains. ‘   From the Press Release: […]

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Little Shop Horrors Reboot Pushing Forward With Arrow Director At The Helm

After years of being stuck in development limbo, Warner Bros’ re-imagining of the 1986 musical hit ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ is pushing forward with Greg Berlanti (Arrow) in the director’s chair and Matthew Robinson (Monster Trucks) writing the script, and Marc Platt (Drive) producing, Deadline reports.     The 1986 film was a remake of […]

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Cloverfield Sequel Lands New Release Date

  Earlier this year, J. J. Abrams surprised fans with a sequel to 2008’s found-footage alien film ‘Cloverfield’, titled ’10 Cloverfield Lane’. The film was a huge success, renewing interest in the franchise for fans. We reported in late October that J.J. Abrams’ third ‘Cloverfield’ film, titled ‘God Particle’, had quietly entered production. Recently, The Wrap […]

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The Acclaimed Thriller ‘The Shelter’ Arrives On DVD This January

  Writer-director-producer John Fallon’s thriller ‘The Shelter’ will arrive on DVD this January. The film stars Michael Paré (Abattoir, Village of the Damned, Eddie and the Cruisers I & II) as a broken and homeless man who has chosen the wrong place to rest. The role is one of Parè’s most acclaimed performances in recent times.   […]

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Hannibal Star Wants To Sink His Teeth Into The Zombie Genre

Mads Mikkelsen tackled the role of cannibal Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the television series ‘Hannibal’. Now, it seems the incredibly talented actor has formed a taste for horror, he wants to sink his teeth into a new subgenre, zombies. During an interview with Birth Movies Death Mikkelson revealed that he really wants fight zombies. I love zombies. […]

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‘IT’ Will Begin Holding Advance Screenings Later This Month

The 1990 mini series adaption of Stephen King’s ‘IT’ is a true genre classic. Now, after years of rumors about the desire to make a reboot, ‘IT’ is finally approaching its release. The new version, under the direction of Andrès Muschietti (Mama), has officially entered post-production and is gearing up to begin advanced screenings, 9 months […]

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Examine The Autopsy Of Jane Doe – Coming Soon To Theaters

The supernatural murder-thriller ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’, directed by André Øvredal, will arrive in theaters later this month. Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox co-star as father and son coroners. One night they receive the body of a nameless homicide victim (Olwen Catherine Kelly) with no apparent cause of death.  As the two attempt to identify […]

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The Night Watchmen Fight Zomvamps In This Trailer For NSFW

  Mitch Altieri (April Fools Day) is bringing together two subgenre to create the horrifyingly funny tale ‘The Night Watchmen’, whose NSFW trailer has just arrived.     The film follows three watchmen, a young rookie, and a tabloid journalist. A mistaken warehouse delivery unleashes a horde of zombie-vampires. Not only must the group fight […]

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