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John Lepper On His New Record Setting Comic ‘We Kill The Dead’

John Lepper, film producer, writer, special effects makeup artist and horror fan, is now working on a comic titled ‘We Kill The Dead’. There is something very special about this comic, it will hold the record for most cameos by characters in horror films, supernatural characters to be exact. Not only will the comic have […]

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‘The Walking Dead’s’ Lauren Cohan Stars In Horror Film ‘The Boy’

  Lauren Cohan should look familiar, she plays Maggie in the hit TV show ‘The Walking Dead’, she has also starred in ‘Death Race 2′ (2010), Van Wilder (2006) and in the TV shows ‘Supernatural’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Cohan is now stepping into her first lead role in the film ‘The Boy’, from Lakeshore […]

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The Horror Anthology ‘Mexico Barbaro’ Explores The Rich Legends Of Mexico

The Anthology film ‘Mexico Barbaro’ presents eight short films, each based on a traditional Mexican legend and each by a different director. The directors include Jorge Michel Grau, Laurette Flores, Isaac Ezban, Edgar Nito, Lex Ortega, aaron Soto, Ulises Guzman and Gigi Saul Guerrero. The legends each segment revolves around includes both new and old, […]

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Watch Adam Green’s 17th Annual Halloween Short Horror Film ‘Monster Problems’ Here

Adam Green. director of ‘Digging Up the Marrow’ and the ‘Hatchet’ franchise, has released his 17th annual Halloween short film through his company ArieScope Pictures. The film, titled ‘Monster Problems’ stars ‘Friday the 13th’ actor Derek Mears, Kelly Vrooman (The Chica Show) and ‘The Guild’s’ Jeff Lewis. ‘Monster Problems’ shows that the life of a […]

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Cynema: Based On A True Story (Sort Of)

“Based On A True Story” “Based On True Events” “Most Of What You Are About to See Is True” “Some Of This Is Bullshit” “The Names Have Been Changed, Certain Dialogue Has Been Made Up” “We Have An Agenda And We Want to Entertain You” “You’ve Become So Ignorant to Real Events, You Wouldn’t Know […]

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