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‘Resident Evil 3’ Demo Coming VERY Soon!

CAPCOM announced today that fans (like me) who can’t wait for their upcoming reincarnation of one of their legendary titles Resident Evil 3, will be able to experience a demo that’s coming out this week! At the end of the demo, players will get to see the new trailer for the upcoming main game.   […]

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quiet place 2

‘A Quiet Place II’ Release Cancelled Due To Coronavirus Concerns

John Krasinski‘s A Quiet Place II has been delayed due to concerns about the growing coronavirus pandemic like many other events over the past few days. Originally set to be released by Paramount Pictures on March 18th, A Quiet Place II currently does not have a release date. Paramount made the following statement: After much […]

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Zombie army 4

‘Zombie Army 4: Dead War’ Launches New Updates Today

Just when you thought you saved the world from Nazi Zombies, Rebellion says “Nope!”. For those who purchased the Season 1 Pass or super deluxe edition of Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be enjoying additional content. For those of us that did not purchase the additional content, there is a new free Hoard Mode […]

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The Trailer For Season Two Of Netflix’s “Kingdom” Arrives Ahead Of Premiere

    Ravenous hordes of zombie swarm in the full trailer for the second season of Netflix brilliant series “Kingdom” ahead of its premiere on Friday. Directed by Kim Seong-hun, the series set during Korea’s medieval Joseon period tells the story of a crown prince who sets out on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious […]

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‘Amnesia: Rebirth’ Coming Fall 2020

Fictional Games has announced the latest installment of one of their popular first-person horror games “Amnesia” with Amnesia: Rebirth.         The first two “Amnesia” games and DLC, are tales of terror told in the first-person perspective where stealth and sanity are your only means of survival while solving puzzles in order to […]

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